The Family Resource Center's mission is to remove the barriers to a child's success in school. The Center puts parents in touch with people and organizations who are trained to help with social and/or financial problems. It also organizes programs and provides services in such areas as job/career counseling, parenting, youth enrichment, and childcare.

Stacey Woods, Family Liaison
Corbin Primary: (606) 523-3638

Jalisa Gay, Family Resource Center Coordinator 
Corbin Elementary: 606-528-4367

Vanna Godby, 21st Century Director 
Corbin Elementary: 606-344-4295

Melinda Wynn, Youth Service Center Assistant Coordinator 
Corbin Intermediate: 606-528-1651

​JeriKay Wynn, Youth Service Center Coordinator 
Corbin Middle: 606-523-3619

Michelle McDonald, Youth Service Center Coordinator 
Corbin High: 606-528-3902

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